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Agriculture, the sector of economy of utmost importance, providing the population with the most basic need – food. Virtually, every country of the world is involved in the agricultural production to some extent. Globally, 6.2 per cent of the economically active population is employed by the agrarian business sector. As for Ukraine, the state’s agro-sector is one of the country’s main industries. Today, mobile devices, in particular, mobile phones have become our essential assistants in many fields of life, which spurred the rapid development of the market of mobile applications. Putting together your expertise in agriculture and professionalism of our team, we will create a unique design for your indispensable mobile assistant to improve your working experience and give your business a great advantage. We will support and further develop your app according to the developing needs of your business. We offer a customisable app that can contain a products catalog, details and description of goods and services, list of clients and partners, as well as access to financial management elements, and social networking.
Real estate
Real Estate, one of the largest and most vivid branches of the economy that requires major flexibility and total awareness of the situation on the market. Constantly growing demand and competition in the field guarantees that the only way to succeed is to keep your nose to the wind. This is where we come into the game. We offer to collaborate on the development of a fast and convenient application that will provide comprehensive constantly updatable data about the real estate market. That will include prices, set to be updated according to the currencies fluctuations; possibility to identify the best land plots and objects relevant to your current requests; and an automatically updated catalog.
Beauty industry
Re-phrasing the famous line, it would be just as fair to say “There is no business like Beauty Business”. The ever-popular and diverse industry of beauty constantly develops new trends, products and services. Whether you are involved in organic cosmetic distribution or beauty technology production, in order to become a success you want to remain aware of whatever the market prepares for you next. This is why, the mobile app designed especially for your needs and the demands of your target audience is one essential tool you can rely on to get your business to flourish. A mobile application is one of the most effective ways to promote the brand. We suggest to create an application that will help you to keep track of cabin technology, professional cosmetics, and advice of the best experts of the field. The app will facilitate the expansion of your dealer network and tackle a variety of other business challenges.